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OurCulture is an art distribution platform for young, vibrant creatives to showcase their crafts and imaginatively explosive minds to the world. We help grow creatives to standards not only accepted by the world but also to their selves and spread their message of beautiful sounds, life, love and living to the world. At OurCulture, we are a team and together we will break new grounds and achieve feats people couldn’t think possible. The creative community is growing at a fast pace and so it deserves a medium where these creatives meet, connect and make their imaginations come alive. We believe the world deserve to see these people create something out of nothing and they in turn deserve to leave their indelible marks on their immediate environment and the world at large.  We further desire to solve problems, the financial glitch every creative encounter by setting up a contest across categories which winners and runner-ups will emerge across each category. The fans get to pick their winners, with #30,000 for the winners and #20,000 for the runner-ups across categories every month. Is this not fun? Well if you ask me, it is so much fun! Our aim to support and grow this community of people that will change the world.


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