Mercy Dominic-Kalio is a music producer who produces under the alias “DREAMY”. Born and raised in Lagos, she grew up with an unexplainable passion for music which led her to be a drummer in her local church at a young age. This music interest grew further and she picked the guitar, learned, and practised, showing skill and flair with competence.

   Currently, a final year law student at the Univeristy of Benin, living in the city of Port-harcourt. She started production in 2019, with “Zoned Out” by Rooky, off his “Satori” Ep the only released project she worked on.  She describes herself as a “multi-genre” producer with impeccable abilities, inspired by artists such as Sza, Summer Walker, Men I Trust, HER, Doja Cat, The Weekend, Pinkpantheress, Post Malone, Willow Smith, XXX Tentacion and lots more.

“I really can’t pinpoint it, since I was a kid, I’ve always made music in my head. I remember the first instrument I ever showed interest in was drums, in church. And then I gravitated towards guitar soon after because I was listening to a lot of rock music. However, all this while, I didn’t know I had an ear for music, I just knew I enjoyed it. I started realizing that music was something I could do quite late when I was about 17.  I didn’t start producing till I was 21. It just sort of, happened naturally. I always knew I was going to produce music at a point, even though I didn’t even know what “producing music” was. When I was ready to finally take things seriously, the knowledge I needed just gravitated towards them”

Interesting Facts:

1. Growing up, everyone around me thought I was going to act because it was something I was good at and something I spent a lot of time doing. Sadly, I grew really shy somewhere along the line.

2. In an alternate universe, I’d be a female wrestler or something lol. I loved to watch wrestling and used to imagine myself as one a lot, but I don’t have the energy or desire to grapple with anyone.

3. I’m an avid daydreamer. I daydream like, a lot.

4. What comes most naturally to me (music-wise) is playing my guitar and composing songs on the spot. I’m much better at that than I am at producing.

5. I’m a rock fan/ metalhead ??I grew up on rock/ metal music and always thought I was going to be a rockstar on the grand stage lol


What do you think?


Written by ourculture

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