In the world of music, there are many talented artists who may not get the recognition they deserve. One such artist is Young Wazi, a Nigerian-born producer and artiste who has been making waves in Toronto.


Young Wazi’s music journey started in Abuja, where he began making beats. It was in Toronto where he started putting his voice on his beats after working with other artists from the scene. The influence of these two cities can be heard in his music, which combines the best of both worlds.


Despite getting inspiration from these cities, Young Wazi has broken the creative cycle by tapping into the dark side of Hip-Hop. His signature sound fuses witty wordplay with haunting soundscapes and hard drums, creating a unique and captivating listening experience. This can be heard in his most recent release, “Relapse 2: The Monster You Made”, which features a variety of songs that make you feel where his music comes from and puts you in the artist’s perspective.


As an artist, Young Wazi is constantly evolving his sound with each release. His ability to push creative boundaries and experiment with different styles ensures that fans will always be excited to see what he comes up with next. If you haven’talready, make sure to check out Young Wazi’s music and keep an eye on this rising star in the underground music scene.




Fun Facts


I don’t really listen to a lot of music besides myself and those who inspire me, especially rap music. It’s really easy to be influenced by the trendy sounds and I’d rather not be.


I was originally an Arsenal / Juve fan, don’t tell anyone I said that. #MUFC


My favorite meals are Jollof Rice, Chicken on the Rocks & Pizza


When I first started recording music, I couldn’t rap on my own beats because I could hear the flaws in them. It held me back a lot mostly because I thought they or I wasn’t good enough. Then I said whatever, someone had to use the beats


What do you think?


Written by ourculture

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